Barefoot Trimming by Rogue Horse, LLC (Christine Johnson)


Bare foot trimming services for horses, drafts, mules, donkeys, ponies, and minis - serving NE and North-Central Washington and Spokane area (Ferry, Okanogan, Stevens, Chelan, and Spokane Counties). Locations outside of normal service radius are subject to mileage fees. Cost is $35/horse or mule, $40/draft horse, $30/donkey, $25/pony, and $20/mini. Rates include mileage. Will be offering boots, glue on and/or nail on Easycare shoes, and California Trace supplements no later than October, but will measure boot sizes for you in the meantime. References available. Please inquire via the email link on this post.


Email:, Phone: 509-207-8722