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2017 USDF Annual Convention

Julie Loudon attended the 2017 USDF Annual Convention as INDA's representative and to receive her Bronze Medal! Below is her account of the Convention:

Kentucky is the horse capital of the US and there was so much quality information from the USDF, great educational events thru out the week by the best vets in the country and the Gala was the best watching Laura Graves accept Horse of the Year Award.

   The  most important thing I realized is there is so much information and support for our GMO. On the USDF website, there is the GMO Guide and Handbook that literally has all the information a club needs to run successfully. I'm very excited about the scholarships for Adult Amateurs and the educational grants our GMO could utilize to offer local top quality education to the East side.  I realized we don't use our USDF benefits as members to take advantage of discounts of our sponsors and tack shops. There is online education with e trak and mini education seminars ready to watch for members.  My hope is that our membership learns how to tap into these free resources. US Equestrian website will launch “Meet the Athletes” with short free educational 5 min video from famous riders about various topics. The Dressage Foundation, TDF, shares a e-news if you subscribe or just like their Facebook. You can keep up educational events for participation, auditing, and scholarships.

    I believe our region could be more plugged In to Regions 6. Region 6 has most  of it's information on Facebook, not on the website. ODS has the best regional calendar and has a very up to date website to include regional clinics and shows.   They also use Flying Changes to advertise their clinics. USDF website has our region 6 newsletter, after logging to USDS, just google region 6 newsletter.  Information is spread around and not centralized, but I hope all of us learn to be able to get Connected. There is a Jr Youth rider Program and Youth Outreach planned this spring April 7 and 8, 2018 at ODS with George Williams.

   Only a few changes are coming concerning tests. The biggest change to tests occurs immediately with FEI tests to immediately get rid of all collective marks except rider scores. This will lower the scoring, affect Tryon 2018 WEG games, and help managers to add more tests and revenue in a show.   In Freestyles, you can't do a transition above your level in 2018. Freestyle format of tests change to help scribes and judges in 2019. Test changes will be minimal at others levels such as 4 yo developing GP, 2nd level test 1 has no simple change, 3rd II has no trot 1/2 pass, 4th I has no rein back , medium canter and less walk tour.   The technical requirement for Freestyles on 2018 will be 65%. I have more judge recommendations for freestyles if you want to chat during our party. Adult Amateur awards will be offered at finals in the freestyle and next year Adult Equitation classes will be  offered at regionals and finals.

    Judges at the FEI level will have new accountability. Their scores will be tracked  and judges not being consistent will get a letter from the Judging committee.  They are working hard on judge education. 

  There are auditor opportunities in our Region 6 that members could learn from. I hope to help with a calendar that highlights these great educational events. There are grants available from USDF Foundation if we want to put on our own local event. I will have a flyer at the Christmas party asking the members what you would like available in our area. I'll ask Joy to send one out by email for those who would like to mail it to me.  The USDF Connection Dec/Jan issue will have a great article on Freestyles. It will include new rules, recommendations of ideas that impress judges, and rules that are the responsibility of the rider. 

There is a NOT For Hire Trucking bill “ELD Mandate” that has the potential to make horse trailers be apart of trucking restrictions. They are proposing having drivers have a commercial license, drive only 14 hours with mandatory resting, this would include larger trailers and anyone profiting from hauling a horse.  Please look into this and contact your local representative.

   I thank INDA for letting me be your representative in Kentucky. It was a wonderful opportunity.  Just sharing trivia, I learned from the host state, Kentucky is the Bourbon capital of the world. Bourbon needs to be 51% corn and a minimum 80 proof.

2017 Equestrian Grant


INDA will be offering 2 equestrian grants this year of $250 each.  The criteria is simply be a member of INDA, use your grant money for a horse related or educational activity. The INDA board would like the recipients who win to write a paragraph about how they spend their money. The website for information is https://www.spokanedressage.org.


Please submit a few paragraphs about you and your horse. Please add how your would like to spend your grant money this year. The deadline is July 8, 2017.  You can email or mail your essay to: Grant Committee Chair is Melissa Kossuth @ melissakossuth@hotmail.com. 13414 S. Goss Rd.

Cheney, WA 99004

WINNER 1: Ali Johnson - Click Here to read how she used the scholarship!


WINNER 2: Gretje Witt

In May 2017 my coach, Betty Findley of Liberty Grove Farm, told me about the INDA Equestrian Grant and that I should apply. 2017 was also the first year I really set a goal for competing with our horse, TBF Triton's Rauri and I was participating in as many clinics as I could in order to shape up. One of the clinicians that comes to Liberty Grove Farm regularly is Karen Robinson of Applause Dressage. Karen tailors custom dressage freestyles for anyone interested. I had never ridden a freestyle and initially participated in the clinic for fun and just to see how a freestyle is made. The process is fascinating and much more involved than what I thought. Karen knows the rules for each level of freestyle, how many points a movement can earn, how many movements have to be in one freestyle and of course how to put it all together. She starts by measuring your horse's step in all three gaits so that she can match music to it. She can even speed up or slow down music! After you try out a few different songs in the trot and canter, you spend the second day of the clinic trying out movements that will later become your freestyle. 

When Karen goes back home, she is able to put together the freestyle and cut the music together based on the measurements she took while you rode and will send you a completed freestyle with your custom music on CD in the mail. 

While this clinic was as much fun as I thought, I was also bitten by the "freestyle bug" afterwards and really wanted Karen to create/finish my freestyle. Being awarded the INDA Equestrian Grant allows me exactly that! Karen will be back in April 2018 and I will be able to participate in her clinic once more to polish our moves and adjust our music and then have her finish the freestyle for the 2018 competition season. I cannot wait to dance with Rauri in the dressage ring. Thank you INDA for supporting us in our equestrian endeavors!














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